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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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someone out there knows something. >> the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, coworker or relative. we are asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15th in any way that indicated that he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> police now say the saudi man they questioned yesterday and whose home they searched was simply a spectator. investigators are hoping the thousands of digital images taken before and after the bombings will yield new clues. they are now asking anyone there to turn over their photos. we have team coverage tonight beginning with ken. >> hi, alan, we are here at the barricade at boyleston street. this is as far as you can go right now and people have continued to come here all day.
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here's a family right now laying some familyies at the shrine that has been set up here. that is an active crime scene. it runs for several blocks as federal investigators continue to try to figure out what happened here. and as you can imagine this incident has created quite a bit of anger. boston police and the fbi cleared another block of boyleston street this afternoon allowing people to get a closer look at the debris left in the wake. as marathon runners like -- recounted the sites and sound he says he will never forget. >> just the deparagraphty of it -- deoperativety of -- knowing that it's going to be killing, maiming children, completely innocent people on the finish
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line. my heart goes out to those people and out just anger. i can't wait until we find out who is responsible for it. >> anger has taken the place of fear for many bostonians. >> a lot of these things are just tragedies. it's sadness that someone has such hate red in their heart to do something like this. >> a number of people here in boston during the marathon and mike picks it up from there. kenny, 20,000 californians were running this race. this, you must know, is a big deal. for some it's a culmination of many years of training and it's something you generally remember something the rest of your life. this year of course is good they will never forget. >> it wasn't supposed to be like this. >> still sort of in shock. >> tv cameras recording your
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every move. that's usually reserved for the winners but today being a survivor of the boston marathon, that's news worthy too. just crossed the finish line. >> my mom and the rest of my friends were looking for us and we they were walking from that direction. so if they had been one plook block over. >> i heard screaming and i thought it was because a vip had crossed the finish line. >> rose craig telling the story she will be telling the rest of her life, how they had just left the scene and were back at the hotel watching. >> it was horrifying. we were in shock. >> i guess it just wasn't my time. >> that's a common sentiment and another. if they can, they will be going back. >> i have full -- i think and i trust boston marathon that they will do a good job of making sure everybody is safe.
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>> i look forward to going back next year and i know everyone will pull through. boston is such an amazing city. they are going to fix what happened and get to the bottom of this. >> we hear that time and time again from the runners. you have to qualify this but everyone we talked to said they are going to train hard and they will be very upset if this isn't run next year. if anything hams to happens to the tradition. >> we are hearing the same thing here. people are determined more than ever to come back and show the city's colors and be here next year. we told you about that young boy, the 12-year-old injured in that attack. will not be coming home for at least another week it turns out. aaron hern's family say he remains hospitalized but his condition is stabilized. the boy was hit in the leg with
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shrapnel while checking on his mom who was running in the race. >> they were at the finish line to congratulate kathryn, so they were just right there in the center of it. >> the boy's mom said he suffered many lacerations, most of which were superficial exempt for one very serious wound and that is why he will remain hospitalized. he is due for more surgery here in boston tomorrow and our best wishes to him and his family as well, as well as all the other victims in this terrible tragedy and their families who have had to endure a lot. that's the theme from boston tonight. back to you guys. all right, ken, mike, thanks to you both. bay area officials are on heightened alert after the bombings, even though there
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have been no specific threats. cities are stepping up security. tells us that includes increased precautions at upcoming sporting events. >> liz, parades, sidewalk festivals and of course the bay to breaker's race, all giving a second look as far as security is concerned. the boston marathon just notched everything up. >> san francisco police remained on high alert. anywhere where crowds gathered is where patrols are heavier. and security is a top priority for the city's next big event, bay to breakers, a 7-mile race and party. 30,000 runners have already signed up. race organizers expect changes because of what happened in boston. >> i think there's a lot of information yet to be gleaned from what happened. as that information becomes
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available we will be having meetings with the san francisco police department and law enforcement agencies to adjust our plans as necessary. >> city emergency services is already coming up with the worst case scenarios. >> i can already tell you we're already looking at do we require an extra cache of supplies. >> so you have to be prepared for the worst possible outcome? >> exactly. >> and now you have to be prepared for the possibility of a copy cat bomber. >> absolutely, but that's not new. >> they drill regularly with real life events. even world series games are events where the city goes into emergency mode. the boston bombings made security even more urgent. >> we are double checking america's cup. the plans have always been under review and it's now a fresh look for everybody.
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the organizers where all of the concentration of crowds will be. >> called the disney land. >> jim morrison is the medical emergency terrorism coordinator. he says police, fire and medical are constantly training for disasters like the boston bombing. >> we host at least twice a year medical training programs. that event in boston, that definitely made a difference in saving some of those people's lives. >> san francisco mayor lee said they are thinking about taking out along all the trash cans to remove any possible hiding place for a bomb. >> with all these talks about amping up security, any word on how much all this is going to cost. >> money is always an issue but as the mayor said, they are going to find a way to have the money and in any case, even the fortunately homeland security
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money that does help cities. >> all right, thank you. and across the bay area, flags were flown at half staff today to pay respect to the bombing victims. today president obama ordered all flags at federal buildings to remain at half staff. >> now we're taking pictures and putting them up. >> and that can cripple crucial lines of communication during disaster. tonight we ask, how would your cell phone fare. >> how vandals are threatening the power supply for millions. >> you're going to need that heater coming up. if the winds die down, temperatures will go down to 35, san jose, down to 40. we are talking a warm up. find out when it gets here. coming up at 6:30, how bay area students are cooking up a plan to survive our next big
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has tested positive for the deadly developing news out of washington, a letter intercepted on its way to capital hill has tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. it was addressed to republican senator and caught during a routine off-site screening. senator claire mccaskel said there is a suspect in custody. no word on who that person is. so far there's no connection to the boston bombings but certainly brings. when those bombs went off in boston survivors scrambled to let their loved ones know they were okay. but the sudden surge was too much, crashing some cell
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phones. found out the bay area is just as vulnerable. >> that's right, when we have a major disaster the instinct now is to reach for your cell phone to call people or to check in and let people know you are all right. but when everyone tries to get on the network at the same time in the same localized area, no one can get on but now some silicone valley engineers are trying to fix that. >> the boston marathon bombings were the latest in a long list that caused cell phones to crash. >> people need help so they are calling for it in huge numbers and people just want to check in with the people that are there or let someone else know they are okay. so there's a lot of primary and secondary traffic and it's far more than the wireless networks are designed to carry. >> if you have ever dropped a cell phone call, you know how fragile the networks can be. >> i think if the operators were to go out and build a
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network that had 5 times the capacity of our existing network it would get used. video use is exploding in mobile. everything is mobile. people access everything in their life via mobile. >> an engineering professor. she says building more capacity is expensive and potentially difficult when it comes to locating towers. she says the key is to build better networks. >> there needs to be a paradigm shift in how kel sell cellular systemming -- where a major earthquake is likely. says future systems will be smarter and more automated. they could reroute calls around a disaster or provide the equivalent of an emergency lane
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on the highway. >> no human intervention needed. the network had sense what has changed when there's a sudden amount of change. or some of the network resources have been taken out and automatically recon figure the network to have optimal performance. >> unfortunately those smart networks are estimated to be about 10 years away, so we are forced to live with the system we have now. allen experts say in a disaster don't call, text. texting takes up a lot less bandwidth and it gets there quicker. if it's clogged and you send a text, that text will be waiting until there is room in the system to go ahead and send that message there. so text don't call. >> and it can be a one way. someone doesn't have to text you back. they can just let it go. >> that's right, it's difficult to get a regular phone call, do you hear me now. with a text it just goes that
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one way and if you want to text them back, you can do that. but you want to sends out a message, i'm all right, you can do that via text. >> lynn, thank you so much. we do have some breaking news. police have arrested 5 teenagers in connection with the death of paramedic earlier this month. the july juveniles names are not being released. purportedly they were cutting class when they drove up to dewier in a stolen car and attempted to hijack him. police say then they shot him point blank. >> i am deeply concerned that the persons responsible for this man's murder ranged in the age of 14 to 16 years old. that is unacceptable. >> the case is going to head to the district attorney's office. those teenagers could be
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charged as early as tomorrow. an act of vandalism is threatening the power supply to millions of people in south bay tonight. investigators say shots were fired at the substation this morning. that shooting caused a massive cooling oil leak in 5 transformers. the spill is contained but hazmat crews are still cleaning up the mess and the fbi is helping to track who is responsible. >> we do know we have reports of gunshots heard from the substation, so we are working with local law enforcement to investigate. >> there are no power outages but a state issued flex alert to conserve energy is in effect until midnight. >> good thing we're not in the middle of a heated summer. >> instead, 60s and 70s, working our way closer. this is just about perfection when it comes to weather. about a minute 45 away i'm
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going to show you an extended forecast that will rival any other during the year. highs in the 60s today. we are looking back toward emoryville at oakland bay bridge. let's look toward san francisco. one spot got in the 70s today at the beach. otherwise upper 60s. san jose, 66. concord you hit 68. san francisco scratched and clawed its way to 60 degrees. you will likely be in the 70s. radar, show you that we have a very dry air mass over us and despite the fact it has been so dry, our reservoir doing just fine. snow pack was bad but lake sha's a, and lake orville, actually 7 or #% above average. so don't worry about that money. low pressure is moving out. high pressure is moving in. we are caught in between the two today giving us a pretty
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breedy day with -- breezy day. the winds will begin to change tomorrow more north to northeast. so most of us, -- especially away from the water. as high pressure gets even closer, it gets even stronger and now it begins to draw out that winds. that's when we warm up because we're eliminating the influence of the ocean and say hello sunshine all the way through the sunshine. mid-60s in san francisco, which is chilly. livermore, 73, and san jose, 73, so we're bumping things up about 5 degrees tomorrow. oak land you will hit 73. nap a 74. fair field 75 and santa rose a, 70. i mentioned the nearly perfect extended forecast. here are the first 5 days. here are the full 7 days.
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that's sunshine across the board, near to upper 70s across the bay and that is a high around 80 starting thursday lasting all the way through monday. everybody has a different temperature that they would consider perfect. something tells me the highs over the next several days pretty close to that number. >> pretty hard to beat those. >> it is just about perfect. >> whatever perfect is. >> i think you can drive to it within half an hour. okay, still ahead. how bay area transit systems are beefing up security in light of the bombings in boston. >> and how bay area runners are taking a stand against those attacks with a social media. >> for the bay bridge opening ceremony we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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patrolling bay area transitn light of the boston bombing
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you can expect to see more officers patrolling bay area transit in light of what happened in boston. monitored by more police officers. they are keeping a close eye on any suspicious activity. >> we are working with the u.s. coast guard and sheriffs and police to conduct sweeps of the facilities right now. so all of those areas are being checked. they will be continuously checked. >> before the as game oak land police swept the area and arena for possible bombs and the police chief ordered twice as many officers on duty. two specialists also patrolled the games. and elsewhere golden gate bridge officials are also on heightened alert. >> the running community is lacing up to support the victims of the boston marathon. social media is behind most of the efforts. runners are being encouraged to
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train in race derbies. one suggests people run 26.2- miles even if it's just one mile a day to show solidarity. the idea is for runners to wear yellow or blue, the colors of the boston marathon and post their pictures. the message is to not live in fear. >> we decided we should do what runners do and that's to get up and keep running. >> i didn't plan to run this year but i think i will just for what happened. whoever did the bombing to show them that they can't control us. >> see jane run in rock ridge is holding a candlelight run. they will run 3 miles, one mile for each person that died. for more information go to our website. coming up in our next half hour, the tears and disbelief after the bombing victims are
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identified. >> we can't believe this has happened. >> tonight how the plot was pulled off with pressure cookers. >> the glitch that grounded all american airlines flights. i'm embarrassed to say it is really flavorful. >> how these bay area students are cooking up a plan to survive our next big disaster. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fires last night in san jos a 7-year-old girl is one of 3 people killed in 2 straight fires last night. mariah angel gomez became trapped in a structure behind a home. the girl's family tried to rescue her before firefighters got there. >> my -- heard her crying, so he was calling for her. and she was crying. after that he didn't hear her no more. >> the fire also injured the girl's 4-year-old sister. about 3 hours before that fire 2 people died in another house fire in san jose. that started on south daniel way. one of the victims is an elderly woman. investigators say the second
6:29 pm
victim is so badly burned they cannot determine the age or the gender yet. the cause of that fire is also under investigation. and a third fire torched this shop in sunny vail at lovely sweets and snacks early this morning. again, no word on how it started but no injuries reported. the teenager accused of sexually assaulting a saratoga high school student made their first court appearance today. the hearing will determine if the 3 boys will remain in custody. they have been charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old while she was drunk and passed out at a party last september. audrey took her own life a week later. >> all i can tell you right now is that the proceedings are confidential because they involve juveniles and the family would like to thank everybody for the support they have received all over the world. that's all i'm able to say. >> along with the sex assault
6:30 pm
charges the victim's family is filing a wrongful death suit against the 3 boys, one from christopher high school. the family is also going after the owners of the house where audrey was allegedly assaulted. >> a key computer system for american airlines failed today causing nationwide delays and cancellations. so thousands of passengers were stranded for hours before service was restored this afternoon. the airline said an outage in its reservation system was to blame. more than 1400 flights were canceled or delayed according to -- >> i decided i wanted to keep my bag with me not knowing i'm going to get where i am going. so i had to give my bottle of wine to the person behind me. >> americans did offer passengers refunds or other flights but expect delays for
6:31 pm
the rest of the evening plus. someone knows who did this. a day after the boston marathon bombings investigators are just beginning to piece together the scattered clues left behind by the killer. used pressure cookers to do the maximum damage. the evidence is scattered everywhere and so far there's no word on who may have done it or why. but -- tells us we are learning more about the people who died. >> liz, as we join -- about 3 blocks from where those bombs were debt at that natured. these are -- detonated. we can tell you the third and final victim who lost their life has been identified. it is a chinese graduate student studying at boston university. a law enforcement official tells cbs news the bombs that
6:32 pm
exploded near the finish line were built and put in place to look like pieces of trash. the devices were put inside pressure cookers and placed inside bags. they were packed with mail. >> we were maybe 10 feet away from the explosion. >> niklas and his wife are among the survivors being treated for shrapnel injuries and burst eardrums. several lost limbs. 3 people were killed including 29-year-old crystal campbell. >> i couldn't have asked for a better daughter. we can't believe this has happened. she was just a happy. >> president obama called the bombings a cowardly act of terrorism. >> you want to know who we are, what america is, how we respond to evil, that's it. selflessly, compassionately. >> surveillance cameras like this one near the crime scene
6:33 pm
are proving crucial to investigators. they are using them combined with cell phone footage in the hopes of catching the suspect. >> someone knows who did this. >> runners return to the scene today to pick up belongings they left behind and their marathon medals. mourners are placing t-shirts near the crime scene. the area will be closed off until at least thursday. the white house is still not saying whether they think this is an act of terrorism. we do know the president is slated to come to boston on thursday. he will be part of an enter faith service which will be dedicated to those. just like the people you see behind me, a lot of people in mourning. reporting live in boston. also today investigators denied earlier reports that several unexploded bombs were found near the scene. as word of the bombings spread hospitals and their staff
6:34 pm
quickly spread into action. the victims were brought to 7 boston area hospitals including massachusetts general. dr. campbell tells us treating pictures of explosions is comparable to treating wounded soldiers. >> this is the first wave when the explosion happens. this explosion leads to damage to both the chest where you can have a collapsed lung, brain damage. like we hear about when soldiers have head injuries. >> in a post 9/11 world hospitals have been training for the worst. many medical personnel came in on their day off. >> when disaster hits the bay area, well our food and water come from. >> we know it's going to come from our community. >> how young bay area chefs are cooking up disaster relief plans. >> we may be entering a post
6:35 pm
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us want to think about. butt like anywhere else.. the bay area has to be read case of a terror attack or r it's not a possibility any of us want to think about. but the bay area has to be ready in case of a disaster. are we? mike sugar man found out young bay area chefs are already cooking up a plan. >> 1906, 1989, those were bad but nothing like what could be coming and it's a question of when, not if. >> so when the next big one hits, what's for dinner. >> this is our lamb shake. >> it won't be this but it will
6:38 pm
be prepared by the same chefs. >> welcome to the kitchen. >> chef anthony is used to cooking for a large group. he's executive chef of the salvation army. his students today from the culinary art school. he is teaching them the recipe for disaster. >> we have chicken, enough chicken and dried goods to produce to get the ball rolling. up and running full speed 24 hours a day we could probably produce 30,000 meals a day. >> working on the first of its kind agreement to en list students and volunteers to cook up meals for area refugees prepared in one of 4 city college kitchens. >> we know our recovery is going to come from our community and that's how we're going to bounce back and we're lucky to have partners.
6:39 pm
>> instead of coming to the experts and saying tell me what to do, give me some guidance so i can go back and impression integrated it into our curriculum. >> lentil soup for 40,000? >> how good can that be? >> it is really flavorful. >> with luck, you will never have to taste it. >> we try to teach good -- tomorrow marks the 107th anniversary of the 1906 san francisco earthquake and fire. could have what are called super bugs. coming up tonight what's behind the rise in anti biotic resistant bacteria. where is the heat? most of us didn't hit 70
6:40 pm
degrees today. but not every wind direction is the same as we look at lots of directions. find out how you can come close to making it to 80 degrees. coming up, yankee fans sweet tribute to boston. an oakland raider becomes an oakland athletic. and a warrior star is on the verge of nba history, it's all coming up on the big 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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about an ingredient commonly found in dietary that's tonight's turn around after yesterday. a new warning from the fda about an ingredient found in do dietary supplement. to speed up weight loss. the agency says dmaa can cause increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, chest tightening, even heart attacks.
6:44 pm
has received reports of 86 illnesses and deaths. >> is that hamburger you're grilling up tonight really safe to eat? turned up some surprising findings in raw meat purchased from grocery stores. explains why you might want to think twice the next time you are shopping. >> take a good look. according to a new study the meat you cook with is full of anti biotic resistant back bacteria. said she analyzed government tests of raw grocery store meat. 91% of ground turkey, 69% of pork chops, 55% of ground beef all contain anti biotic resistant super bugs. says it's finding a much larger
6:45 pm
problem. the use of antiobiotics. also to promote quicker growth by getting animals to slaughter faster. agreed that routine use is leading to fewer effective anti biotic treatments are humans. >> it's really important for humans to do their part to reduce the spread of super bugs in their meat. >> controlling cross contamination is key to preventing in your own kitchen. use separate cutting boards for meat and veggies and a food thermometer to make sure the meat is cooked fully. >> they are voting with their dollars. >> meat industry groups say this data also shows it's on the decline. they also point out
6:46 pm
antiobiotics are regulated by the fda and e the california poultry federation adds in this state antiobiotics are not used for chicken. well, you get your coffee at starbucks, you can now get new menu items. beginning today baked goods started showing up. the founder of san francisco based sold the country to starbucks for $100 million last year. after a test said they hope to sell the products at every starbucks across the country. what, no more apple fritter? that's a biggy. they were some of the family favorites. >> it's a big company. >> picnic items. what's going on. and maybe switching over from the hot latte to the iced
6:47 pm
latte. what's that transition, about 75 degrees? another big deal in the household. is it hot or iced. if you get it wrong you get the rap. beautiful view from mall vac a. toward the beautiful bay bridge where temperatures are nice, not complaining but they are certainly not warm. concord 65. put tonight is going to be a chilly night. winds die down which allows the atmosphere to settle that cold air where we are. and it's going to be chilly. concord, almost into the 30s. same story for valet ho. then we really begin to warm up. doppler showing nothing in our microclimate forecast town to san bern oh, thursday getting milder with a high of 70
6:48 pm
degrees. there's a large strong area of high pressure off to our west which actually is part of the reason why it got so windy a couple of days ago. with low pressure moving out the difference between the two is going to relax and we will have this area of high pressure to deal with. we will put a lid on temperatures. and highs will be back to the 70s, about 5 to 7 degrees higher tomorrow. thursday you're really going to enjoy things, because high pressure remains. widespread 70s with many low 80s away from the water. that begins as soon as thursday. but overnight. it's going to be cold. north so gnome a county, all the way through the weekend we are talking about mainly sunny skies. we're going to show you about 50 different cities here. pick the one closest to you.
6:49 pm
here are your highs for tomorrow. palo alto, campbell, low 70s. concord, 74. pleasant ton 74. oakland 71. downtown san francisco, 75. thursday low 80s in land and we are going to set it and forget it all through the weekend. sunshine, low 80s. mid-70s starting on thursday. that will last into next week. how about the coast? this is the time of year it can be very foggy. no fog and highs approaching 70 degrees. so this is a forecast i think everybody can enjoy. the wet season is ending. the warm season is just about here for inland areas but even the coast gets to share. >> just get a picture of the forecast and remind ourselves, look how beautiful it was. >> and if you want to aggravate
6:50 pm
people, put it on your facebook page. >> this is a rote isry chicken forecast. >> a different product that we all bought. >> okay. sports coming up next.
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ll died today of cardiac arrest... john madden and -- were arguably the best television team in sports history. >> alexander does not get in. dan the 49er who hit him at the. >> that was summer all in their first super bowl win. he would call a record 60 super bowls. pat summer all was 42. knocked down to move within the record. he will have a chance to break it tomorrow night. and said the reason for his success is finally being healthy. >> from the beginning of the season along with our team winning, it's been a fun season. put me on that list with dee
6:54 pm
scott and ray allen, legends that -- shoot the ball. it's pretty special, watching my dad shoot the ball. it's something -- and it's nice to get there. i've got a lot more work to do to maintain it. >> what are the all-star voters thinking now. brandon moss will be away from the team for a couple of days while his wife delivers a baby. his replacement will deliver something else. >> jd martinez is going back and that baby is gone. >> the 6'8" rookie hit his first career homerun and the as win last night. he is 26 years old. he isn't the only athlete in his family. his wife plays on the lpga tour. >> i don't know a thing about golf. i couldn't shoot under100 if my
6:55 pm
life depended on it, but i can carry the bag. i enjoy being out there. i don't give her any tips. i don't tell her which way the putt is going to break because i would be wrong. i just say, what do you want and hand her the clubs and she will hit it and give it back. >> and she does it well. wide receiver got to take some hacks during batting practice. he is friends with coco crisp jumped at the chance to finally give baseball a try. >> first time ever. i don't play baseball at all. i didn't do too bad. if i had a chance of doing it, i maybe did it when i was younger. >> what's the hardest ball you have hit? >> man, like 450, 5. i know one
6:56 pm
hit the wall. >> on average? 455? okay the giants place receiver on the disabled list with a strained oblique muscle. snowball, anyone? have you seen this? a minute in his weather cast day, covered in snow. 8 inches forced the mets to adopt a new pregame are you teen teen. -- routine. to get ready for the double header today because your bat is going to vibrate. no secret the yankees and boston don't like each other. but in a gesture of support following the tragedy. guess what they sang tonight in new york?
6:57 pm
>> sweet caroline ♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed so good. >> great stuff tonight as the tragedy brings yankee fans and red sox fans together. i had to look -- why do they sing sweet caroline? it was apparently a good luck charm that started years ago and when the new owners bought the team, they said, we want this tradition in the 8th inning of every boston game. you're a neal diamond fan. >> back in the day. the latest on our website. >> licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. we didn't have u-verse back in my day.
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